U.S. Marshals search for abusive ex who beat woman, left her to die

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Antonio Carter

PANOLA COUNTY, Miss. — For the past year, Barbara Hamilton has been living in fear.

“Everywhere I go, I got to watch my back,” she told WREG.

According to the Panola County Sheriff’s Department, her ex-boyfriend, Antonio Carter, is wanted for beating her within inches of her life, and even causing her to lose an eye. He has a history of violent behavior especially against women.

“He`s just out there like a predator looking for the next female victim,” said Investigator Terry Smith.

Hamilton and Carter have known each other for most of their lives. He was a completely different person when they first met, she said.

“He started out real nice,” she said, but things quickly took a turn and he started beating her.

In 2015, police say Carter attacked her with a box cutter, causing her to lose sight in one of her eyes.

“He cut me completely across the black pupil,” Hamilton said. “He said ‘your eye is bleeding’ and I walked in the bathroom and and looked, and blood was just gushing out of my eye.”

“I got to the Med; they told me that they was going to have to take my eye out, so I`ll never be able to see out of my eye again.”

Panola County Sheriff deputies arrested and charged Carter with assaulting Hamilton, but when the case finally made it to court, Hamilton said she asked the judge not to send the father of their two children to prison.

“I really was a fool in love. I’ve been like that ever since I’ve been with him.. Everybody been telling me to leave him along.”

Hamilton admitted that was one of the biggest mistakes she’s made and one that almost cost her her life. Not long after Carter was released for jail, he was reportedly hitting and punching her again.

“I loved his dirty drawers, his dirty toes. I still love him like that now, but he might kill me and kill himself,” she said.

Panola County deputies told WREG it’s what Carter did to Hamilton in October 2016 that has the U.S. Marshalls on his trail.

Investigators said Carter lured her to a shed in Courtland, Mississippi and held her for hours against her will.

“He basically would not let her leave,” said Smith. “He held her down and, according to her, forced her to have sex with him.”

Hamilton said when she refused to have sex with him, Carter beat her with stick, punched and hit her with his fist, and threaten her life with a shovel. Hamilton was forced to stay in the small shed all night, and then finally released her the next morning.

She could barely walk.

Her family called police once she made it home, but Carter took off before officers arrived.

“He’s a threat to anybody he comes across, whether it’s a male or female,” said Smith.

If you know where Carter is hiding, call the Panola County Sheriff Department at (662) 487-1733.

All calls are confidential.