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One man dead, another injured in North Memphis double shooting

MEMPHIS, Tenn — Memphis police are searching for a suspect after a man was gunned down in North Memphis Wednesday night.

Memphis Police responded to a shooting on the 800 block of Annie Street where they located two men who appeared to have been shot.

One of the victims was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The second victim was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

People who heard the shots say it sounded like machine gun fire. One woman who lives in the neighborhood says the shooting actually happened near Alaska Street and Vollintine Avenue. She says the passenger died, but the driver was able to make it to his mom's house a few blocks down on Annie Street.

People we talked to in the North Memphis neighborhood say that there is a lot of gang violence in the area, so they aren't surprised that something like this would happen.

They did say, however, that they are sad for the man who lost his life to gun violence and hope the man fighting for his life in the hospital recovers.

Melvin Isom has lived in the neighborhood for eight years. He says the violence needs to stop.

"There be a whole lot of shooting around here and they need to quit and they need to change their world and go to God and try to do the right thing, but these young kids now, seem to me they don't get it," he says.

Tonight, the suspect remains at large. Police believe the he might have been driving a black Pontiac GT.

This is an on going investigation. Anyone with information can call crime stoppers at (901)-528-CASH.