Rapper denies wrongdoing in Westwood park incident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — It's not his first music video, but it's the one causing the most controversy.

A Memphis rapper who planned the gathering in a Westwood park that resulted in a massive police presence wants to clear his name.

"They came six deep. Then they brought the blue crush cars and more undercover cars," said Metcalf. "We like dang. We didn't do anything wrong."

Jeromy Metcalf, better known as J. Fizzle in the music industry, says he has shot music videos in O. L. Cash park before and didn't see a problem including his neighborhood park in his latest venture.

"My kid was in the park," said Metcalf. "We wouldn't put anyone in danger like that. I was just shooting a video."

Fizzle says he used Facebook to tell everyone to join him on Thursday.

"I invited everyone out, and told them to enjoy themselves," said Metcalf.

The rapper says he told everyone to leave all the dumb stuff at home and just come out and have fun.

Two hours into his project, J. Fizzle says he was forced to wrap things up. Metcalf and others were detained and accused of having guns and drugs in the park.

One person was arrested on a felony warrant.

The rappers say he didn't bring the guns in the park, and even though his song his titled 'gang'- police have no reason to be alarmed.

"When I refer to gang. I'm not referring to gang violence or gang banging," said Metcalf. "It's just a term.'"

Metcalf says as far as he's concerned, the whole thing was blown out of proportion. He just wants things to return to normal in his neighborhood.

"No shots were fired, and nobody was hurt," said Metcalf. "I don't even know what's going on."

Nine men will face a judge Monday morning stemming from charges from the park incident.


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