Family looking for answers on Lorenzen Wright’s 42 birthday

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Seven years later—a family is still grieving without answers or closure.

Lorenzen Wright would have turned 42 today. Instead, his family gathered around his gravesite to remember him.

Wright is the former Memphis Grizzlies player who was murdered.

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"Justice is going to be served soon because I got that feeling." Deborah Marion, Wright's mother, said.

It’s the only birthday wish this mother has for her son—no candles needed just closure.

Something is going to happen before the end of the year.

I just have that feeling I am going to hold my faith that before the end of the year something is going to turn up.

Marion has been praying for answers for going on 8 years.

Since her son, Memphis Grizzlies player Lorenzen Wright vanished in Mid July—and was found dead almost a week later.

"7 years getting ready to go into the 8th year and still nothing," Marion said.

Police say Wright was murdered but to this day—they still have yet to solve the mystery.

With no suspects or breaks in the murder—on what would be Wright’s 42nd birthday this mother is still trying to soothe a wide-open wound.

"His 6 kids don’t have a dad, he hasn’t seen any graduations or none of his kids. That’s not fair to those kids let alone me," Marion said.

Wright will always be remembered for his skills on the hardwood—but his family just wants the freedom of finally finding the peace they’ve been searching for.

"The people of Memphis they know, I wish they would get up enough nerve to tell they know what happened to Lorenzen," Marion said.

Though the fresh flowers placed on his memorial will wither away.

This family says their hope rises above time past—and one day soon they’ll find out what happened to Wright.

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