Parents seek help at child support event

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MEMPHIS, Tenn — It's an event to hopefully streamline the process to of getting child support questions and concerns answered.

The Department of Health Services held the event Thursday evening at The Breath of Life Christian Center to give parents answers to their questions regarding child support.

Lawmakers at the event said child support is a huge issue that can complicated and messy.

The State Department of Human Services says it is currently assisting more than 94,000 child support cases in Shelby County. Let that sink in.

State Rep. Antonio Parkinson understood parent's concerns about child support.

"It's the number two constituent issue that we hear about in the district," said Parkinson.

Parkinson is one of the supporters of  Thursday night's event. He is offering assistance to those with individual concerns along with a long list of other services — including DNA testing.

"It's a very complex issue from the federal level all the way down," said Parkinson.

We talked to a mother who was on her way to Child Support Services.

"It's a big problem, because they're not doing anything to make these non-custodial parents pay what they need to pay to support a child, " said Rep. Parkinson.

She says she's been working years to get more support for her 15-year-old daughter from her child's father.

"She wants support from him," said the mother.

Parkinson said parents should get their problems solved outside of the courtroom.

"If you're a parent, set the personal issues aside and focus on the welfare of the child."

"Do not bring the state into your household," said Parkinson.