Manhunt Monday: Johnnie Johnson’s family looks for killer

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Danielle Turner is convinced that her brother's killer is no stranger. Johnnie Johnson, 32, was murdered last April.

"We know that this is was someone that he knew. This was someone close nearby."

Police say Johnson left his South Memphis home just before midnight to get a quick bite to eat at McDonalds. Officers say Johnson never made it.

A short time later, officers found Johnson's car at Belz and Latham. He was still inside, his body, riddled with bullets.

"We need closure, it's hard when you lose a relative," Turner said. "Especially the way they leave. His death has taken toll on the family."

Police say it appears that Johnson had some kind of confrontation with his killer right before he was murdered.

Johnson's family says they believe his killer may have been stalking him and could be someone from his past.

"He told my mother just a week prior to the death that someone had been following him, someone had been harassing him, threatening him."

Homicide detectives are working around the clock the put Johnson's killer behinds bars and to give his family some peace.

"I find it hard to sleep at night," said Tameka Johnson, Johnnie Johnson's wife. "I get up several times in middle of the night. I'm sometimes depressed."

Johnson's sister is still trying to understand by someone would murder her brother.

"Very angry that you can take a life and shoot someone that many times and you are walking around like nothing has happened."

Johnson's mother just wants justice for her son.

"I'm pleading with anyone out there, if anybody out there knows anything, surely you must have a conscience," Ernestine Gowdy said. "How can you sleep at night?"

If you know who killed 32-year-old Johnnie Johnson, call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH. All calls are confidential.