Police: Woman rams ex-boyfriend’s car, endangering baby inside

MEMPHIS, Tenn — A woman is behind bars after allegedly ramming her ex-boyfriend’s car, endangering a child inside.

According to police, Kiera Reynolds and her ex-boyfriend got into an argument after she stopped by to pick up her kids Monday evening.  The man left the scene with a friend and his 3-month-old child, but quickly realized he was being followed.

After failing to lose Reynolds, the victim decided to pull into the Chelsea Food Mart in the 1400 block of Hollywood. That’s when she allegedly ran into his car with her Nissan Altima.

The incident caused moderate damage to the victim’s car, but thankfully no one inside was seriously injured.

Reynolds reportedly admitted to hitting her ex’s car and was arrested.

She was charged with two counts of aggravated assault/domestic violence and aggravated assault.