Top 10 American Fears of 2017

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ORANGE, Ca. — A recent survey from Chapman University sheds light on what Americans may fear the most.

According to the results, the participants’ fears appear to revolve around the government and environment, with 74 percent of those polled saying they are “Afraid” or “Very Afraid” of corrupt government officials more than the threat of another world war, terrorism and some of the more commonly thought of fears like sharks, zombies and clowns.

Fifty-five percent said they are scared of health insurance.

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Approximately 50 to 53 percent of those polled identified pollution of the earth’s oceans, rivers and drinking water as one of their fears.

Researchers said this is a striking result, as environmental fears have never made the top 10 fears list in previous surveys. They pointed to recent policy changes in Washington as a catalyst for the change.

Courtesy of Chapman University

Of note, the 2017 results differ slightly from those of the Top 10 Fears of 2016 survey.

Top 10 Fears 2016 results:

  • Corrupt government officials: 60.6 percent
  • Terror attack: 41 percent
  • Not having enough money for the future: 39.98 percent
  • Terrorism: 38.5 percent
  • Government restrictions on firearms: 38.5 percent
  • People I love dying: 38.1 percent
  • Economic and financial collapse: 37.5 percent
  • Identity theft: 37.1 percent
  • People I love becoming seriously ill: 35.9 percent
  • The Affordable Care Act: 35.5 percent

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