Ohio mother makes toddler’s ‘Troll’ costume and the internet loved it


CLEVELAND, Ohio— A Cleveland mother created a homemade ‘Princess Poppy’ costume for her daughter and posted the final result social media.

Chiquia Waters shared the photos and videos on their facebook page and the video of her daughter in the costume has been seen over 21 million views and has been shared 8,500 times.

Anna Kendrick, who voiced the character in the movie, even retweeted the video.

Waters said the reason she made the costume was because she couldn’t find anything that “fit the vision” she had.

Waters said the costume cost her $30 and two days to make. You can find the tutorial on her YouTube page.

Surprisingly, Waters got the fabric needed for the costume from a hoodie at Walmart. She said she chose the hoodie because she couldn’t find the right color fabric.