Fingopay: Paying for items with just the touch of a finger

LONDON — Pav Nahal hates waiting in line at the grocery store, so when she heard of a faster, easier way to pay — using just her finger — she eagerly signed up.

"You don't have to go through your bag and look for change or your card. I always leave my wallet at home."

The new 3D approach is known as Fingopay. Customers simply place their finger on a pad and the device shines an infrared light through the middle section of the finger. The light detects blood flow in veins, which makes up a person's unique finger pattern — much like a finger print — but even more distinct.

"Every time you insert your finger into a reader, we can identify you within about 200 milli-seconds," said Fingopay CEO Nick Dryden. "In the future, you are the wallet. That's all you need."

Like Nahal, Scott Pearson likes Fingopay's convenience.

"If you went for a run or you went out to exercise, you don't really want to carry around anything."

Biometrics are the latest in digital payment technology.  In China, KFC customers recently began using facial recognition to purchase meals. In the United Kingdom, Fingopay just launched at a convenience store chain.

"Where else would you like to introduce this technology?" asked CBS News correspondent Teri Okita.

"We're going to be introducing this in gas stations, in supermarkets, everywhere else — anywhere you're using a plastic card," said Dryden.

That includes countries like the United States. The company said it plans on introducing Fingopay into the U.S. market sometime next year.