Man and woman beaten and robbed in Downtown

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —It happened early this morning police responded to a fight call and found a man and woman badly beaten.

Their belongings were missing including their car keys.

The victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition.

"That's terrible," Valda Allen said

Allen wouldn`t expect something like that to happen in this part of town.

"You know, I never, you know, you see people walking up and down the street all the time and you never think anything is ever going on right around here," Allen said.

Police are looking for the suspects and the victims` orange Mitsubishi eclipse but at this point, police don`t know if the suspects actually took the car.

"If they got their car, they're probably running around with it. They'll ride it out until the gas run out and dump it somewhere. They don't care," Allen said.

Allen used to live in Memphis and hates to hear about so much crime every time she visits.

"You know, I grew up here and it really hurts my feelings that things are going so bad," Allen said.

She really hates to hear about people being beaten and robbed.

"It hurts my heart that people just don't respect the fact that people work hard for things that they have and you know they just come and just take them and think nothing of it."