Does It Work: The Hurricane Fur Wizard

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Yvette Kirk has a few furry friends in her house.

"Henry the white haired dog. Vinnie the orange tabby cat and Kashi the gray tabby cat."

With so many fur babies, battling fur is an everyday battle. Henry loves the couch and the cats go pretty much everywhere else.

"The cats go anywhere they want to go in this house."

One of their favorite spots: the table runner.  Yvette normally uses a tape lint roller, but wonders if the Hurricane Fur Wizard would work better and be less wasteful.

"It looks like it will get quite a bit of surface area so that's good."

The case acts as the cleaner. You slide the brush in and out to remove the fur or lint.

First up, we test the product on the navy blue couch pillow with Henry's hair all over it. The directions say to brush in the same direction as the arrow located in the handle of the brush. After a couple of swipes up and down it seems to be working.

Yvette slides the brush in and out of the case.

"It's pretty clean," she said.

Next she tries to remove Henry's hair from her black pants.

"It's okay."

It did work on her pants, but not as well as her tape lint roller which she ended up using to remove the rest of the dog hair from her pants.

Finally, the table runner.

After one swipe, it picks up a lot of pet hair, but Yvette's lint roller picked up about the same amount. Overall, this pet owner says she prefers the lint roller.

"I still think I would prefer the lint roller and the circumstances because it allowed you better mobility. "

Bottom line, the Hurricane Fur Wizard is a buyer's choice.