Shelby Co. Sheriff’s Office investigating claim that adults had sex on campus at Whitehaven HS

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - - Parents are worried after reports that the Shelby County Sheriff's Office is looking into a claim that two people were caught having sex in a closet at Whitehaven High School.

It happened this week. The Sheriff's Office says a woman went to a deputy on campus claiming she had just caught two adults having sex in a broom closet. However, the Sheriff's Office says no one was there when the deputy went to look.

Steve Taylor's son is a junior at Whitehaven. He hopes it isn't true and really hopes it wasn't teachers or staff members if it is. He says that would set a bad example for students.

"Hopefully, they wouldn't think it's okay to have sex in school," Taylor says.

According to the Sheriff's Office, the woman was shown a manual with pictures of teachers and staff, but she said none of them looked like the two people she allegedly caught having sex.

Thealtoen Mccrakin's kids went to Whitehaven.

"Yeah, it would be a bad example and that's definitely something you don't want no teachers or nobody doing," he says.

Jennifer Williams' daughter went to Whitehaven. She too hopes the allegation isn't true.

"You know, if you're not seeing that at home, you don't want your children finding out stuff like that in a school where, you know, you're expecting people to take care of them and watch out for them," Williams says.

If it is true and it was teachers or staff members, she hopes the school makes sure it doesn't happen again.

"At that point, I would think that they need to do a little more research on someone's background and what kind of background and where they came from and find out if anything like this has ever happened before," Williams says.

As for Taylor, he's confident the school will handle it if it's true, particularly if it was teachers or staff members.

"Of course, that would be bad on the part of the teachers or the staff but it's still a good school. So, I'll let them deal with their situation because they'll deal with it properly," Taylor says.

We're trying to find out if the woman who made the claim is a parent or someone else. We also want to know what charges adults might face for something like that if it's true, but we have not gotten those answers from the Sheriff's Office.