Sewage system problems cause issues for residents

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —It happened just a couple weeks ago a sewage valve in Hickory Hill broke causing sewage to pour into John`s Creek killing fish.

When that happened, people who work or live near the creek had to deal with a really bad smell for days.

Linda Conley lives right next to the creek.

"If you go in the back of your house you could smell it real good inside the house and so when you walk outside you were like is something dead or something?" said Conley.

She`s lived here for ten years and says the creek has had sewage pour into it several times.

"This was the worst and then plus, we inhaling that, that could have been a health issue also," said Conley.

Last week a sewer line in Southeast Memphis backed up causing sewage to pour into a preschool.

The city won`t tell us what caused the backup calling it a legal issue because the school`s owner has filed a claim for damages.

"We lost absolutely everything. We lost every crayon, every coat bag that a child might have left in there," said Cornerstone Learning Center owner Michele Rodgers. "We had nothing. They completely emptied the building."

The sewage system issue is so bad the city has to report sewer line breaks to the state but the city is working on it`s aging infrastructure.

Crews are constantly checking sewer lines sometimes using smoke to find leaks. It`s part of a federally mandated program called SARP-10.

The city also advises people not to put things like grease or oil down the drain the issue causes lines to clog and backup.

"I mean you don't want to wake up every morning and you have to smell that," said Conley.

Conley, like a lot of people, doesn`t really care how it happens she just wants the on-going problem to go away.