Sheriff’s office: More than 50 rounds fired during shootout near apartment complex

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Authorities are investigating after a shootout sent more than 50 rounds flying near a local apartment complex early Friday morning.

It happened around 4 a.m. outside the Centennial Gardens Apartments in the 3700 block of Centennial Drive, near Winchester and Bill Morris Parkway.

“I’m shocked because, well, it is a nice neighborhood,” said Arnita Melton, who was dropping her daughter off for work at Best Buy around 10 a.m. Friday. “But that just shows you that crime can happen anywhere.”

The normally peaceful neighborhood seemed more like the Wild West when deputies say at least two gunmen got into a shootout, spraying bullets for blocks near a strip mall and Best Buy to that apartment complex.

"There were at least three weapons being used, over 50 rounds fired, a number of cars that were hit," said Earle Farrell with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. "We did find blood on one of the cars, so we think somebody was hit. We’re checking area hospitals to see if anybody’s come in for treatment."

The area was shut down for hours while detectives investigated.

"I just pulled up and they had it blocked off," Melton said.

At least 50 evidence markers showed where the shell casings ended up.

"They’re just scattered all over the street," Farrell said.

One of the bullets blew out the front tire of a pickup truck parked inside the gated community, but Melton thinks police and deputies are doing all they can to curb crime in the city.

"They’re going to do what they’re going to do. They’re still doing it. They’ve been doing it. And they commit crimes all the time," she said. "It doesn’t matter race. Crime happens everywhere. These are the days we live in."

Investigators say they found shell casings pointed in both directions from at least three different guns.

"A .40-caliber, a 9mm, an automatic weapon," Farrell said.

Deputies tell WREG they don’t have any suspect descriptions right now, but they're interviewing witnesses and working on getting surveillance video from nearby businesses.