Community calls for changes at intersection after 6-year-old hit and killed

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-- A community is coming together after a six-year-old was fatally struck at an Orange Mound intersection.

The little girl was hit at a busy four-way stop at Josephine and Spottswood when she was walking home from school Thursday.

The driver stayed on scene and will not face charges.

Since the accident, many are calling for change.

They said they want something done whether it's added speed bumps, more warning signs in the area, a crosswalk or crossing guards.

As the memorial for the little girl at the intersection grows,  several people, who live here in this neighborhood decided to take it upon themselves and help students get home safe.

As vehicles made their way through the busy four-way intersection, walkers stopped to shake their heads, they looked at the memorial of a young life lost coming home from school.

Manning the corner this Friday afternoon is another young student.

"It’s nervous that she gone. She was just only a kid," said Joseph Woods.

Woods is spending the eve of his 9th birthday accompanied here on the corner.

He was at a nearby park when a 6-year-old girl was hit and killed.

He went to school with her at  Aspire Hanley Elementary.

"I’m just guarding the kids so they won’t get hit by the car," he said.

His mom Ashley Bowling was by his side.

"As a mother, it’s crazy. I couldn’t imagine. He said let’s go to the stop sign where the baby got killed. I said, ‘ok what are we going to do? He said we’re going to stand there until the other kids come home.’ That’s what we’re doing," she explained as she held back tears.

Others who live in the area are calling for change, they say there’s not enough protection for people crossing the street here.

"The day before there was an accident right here on this corner. A car ran the light and hit a car. The day before that another kid came within two feet of getting hit," said James Polk, who lives at the corner.

"I feel like if there was a crossing guard here it would have never happened. That’s my opinion," said Bowling.

WREG talked to the city they said they have not received the accident report for the crash.

Representative G.A. Hardaway also stopped by and said he too will be looking into ways to make the intersection safer.

Aspire Hanley gave WREG a statement:

This statement is to inform you of an incident that occurred on October 19, 2017. One of our students at Aspire Hanley Elementary was hit by a car while walking home after school. The scholar was immediately rushed to a local hospital. I regret to inform you that the student did not survive the accident. We are deeply concerned and our heart goes out to her family. Aspire’s Leadership Team will be working closely with the family and students to provide assistance in all ways possible. Today counselors are on hand to support the students, faculty and staff. Currently, we have a robust dismissal plan that extends beyond the school’s campus and we are reviewing all options to ensure safe passage to the borders of the community we serve.