Does It Work?: The Hurricane Spin Broom

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Jodi Howard is a teacher at Lausanne Collegiate School. Working with the younger children everyday, she is used to having a big mess on the floor.

"Things happen. We drop paper. We drop pompoms, snacks are on the floor."

She normally uses a broom and dust pan to clean up throughout the day, but wonders if the Hurricane Spin Broom could be a better way to go.

"So we can move on to better things in our day."

Even better, the broom is cordless, does not require any batteries and assembles in seconds.

Now it's time to tackle the tough messes.

"We have beans for our garden project. So there's beans on the floor. Everyday something falls on the floor," she said.

You have to add a little pressure to get it going, but the bristles of the brush grabbed the items and spun them right into the collection bin. The broom even tackled the stepped on Cheerios with ease.

"It's quick. It does picks up things so I can get back to them," said Howard.

The Hurricane Spin Broom passed the Does It Work? test.