Police, landowner baffled by pecan thieves

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A Mid-South man says thieves are taking away his source of income off land that's been in his family for nearly a century.

Will Henry Quinn Jr. told WREG he pays for the property by growing and selling pecans, but people have been taking the nuts.

The 63-year-old owns four lots and a total of seven trees. His "No Trespassing" signs have been ripped down and police can't find who's pilfering the pecans.

"I had one crack head that was stealing them in the morning and go up to the local service station and sell them."

A good pecan season earns Quinn about $3,000, but it costs him about that much to maintain the land and pay the taxes on it.

Quinn's grandfather bought the land in 1919 after serving in World War I.