Home invasion caught on camera in South Memphis

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A South Memphis woman who moved from Chicago to enjoy retirement is in fear after a crook broke into her home and ransacked several rooms in broad daylight.

The whole thing was captured on surveillance cameras.

"It was glass all over the bed, everywhere," said Gloria McClellan. "I think he cut himself because it was blood all on the window,"

McClellan says she came home to mess at her Kerr Avenue home. She says the family has lost its sense of security.

"It's scary thinking about it, I've been trying not to think about it all day," she said.

The suspect was wearing a black jacket, dark shorts and a orange Tennessee Vols skull cap.

"One of the bedrooms, he had opened the drawers and dumped stuff on the floor," said McClellan. "I noticed that he took something in a bag out because we saw him on the camera, but we don't know what it was."

This isn't the first time its happened to the McClellan family. Three years go someone broke down their front door and took all their electronics.

"They ransacked the whole house," said McClellan. "The last time it was a mess cause they had went through the whole house, nothing was in any drawers they dumped everything out and just tore the house up last time."

It seems to be a pattern in this neighborhood.

"Over here on this side, she has been robbed twice since we been here," said McClellan, speaking of one of her neighbors.

McClellan says moved to Memphis back in 2011. She didn't think she would have to fear for her safety in her own home.

"I thought moving South it would be better but they never broke in our house in Chicago," said McClellan.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance video, call police.