Fatal Chelsea Avenue crash may be linked to Nutbush carjacking

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police are trying to figure out if a fatal crash in North Memphis early Wednesday morning is connected to a Nutbush carjacking and robbery over the weekend.

It's an important question because, if it isn't, the suspect is still at large.

Police say the robbery and carjacking happened around 8:30 Saturday night after two people pulled into this driveway and started unloading groceries.

Police say the suspect had been walking behind the car on Grey Road before coming up and pulling a gun on 61-year-old Robert Sachenbacher and 42-year-old Juliette Lovett.

Police say he demanded everything in Sachenbacher's wallet, then turned the gun on Lovett, demanding everything she had including the keys to her Honda Civic.

"So, I don't know what's going on but we're going to have to do some neighborhood watch around here," said Darryl Robinson, Sachenbacher's neighbor and friend.

"Bobby done offered to help me out with stuff. I go over to Bobby, talk to him, give him a few things. He'll come over here and give me a few things."

Robinson describes himself as a neighborhood watchdog. But on this occasion he did not see what happened.

"I don't believe it would have happened if I was sitting my butt out here because I would have saw something. I would have said something. But by me coming out the door when it had already happened, it was like I was on the end of it, what can I do?"

Police say the stolen Honda Civic was involved in last night's crash at Chelsea and Warford. Four people were hurt and one died.

But they don't know if the person who was killed is the same person behind the robbery and carjacking.

Answering that question will tell police if the suspect is still out there or not.