Knock at the door leads to Helena family’s heartbreak

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HELENA, Ark. — "There isn`t a day that goes by that I don`t think about my child."

Rosie Donald can't stop thinking about her son, 31-year-old Carl Donald. Police said he was murdered three years ago and the nightmare started with a simple knock at the door.

When Donald answered it two men walked in, began fighting with the victim and then shot him in the head.

His mother is now left to mourn his death.

"My heart hurts each and every day, y`all just don`t know. Can`t no body tell me how I feel."

Helena police have interviewed dozens of people, but none has given them the information they need to put the killers behind bars.

"Do the right thing, help the police department," his mother pleaded. "It`s very important that someone comes forward, and bring closure to the family."

Donald's mother said her son's murder has changed her life forever. She takes medicine just to make it through the day.

"Hurt, depressed, angry... that's how I feel everyday."

"All I`m asking is to just get justice for my son. That is all I`m asking for. I`m just praying and wish whoever did it would come forward. I don`t wish no bad luck, I don`t wish death on them, I just want them to server their time and get what they deserve."

If you know anything about this case, call the Helena Police Department at (870) 817-7411.

All calls are confidential.