Woman says she found grave problems at cemetery

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A cemetery is the site of one's final resting place, but Yvonne Cobbins says what she saw recently at New Park Cemetery is anything but peaceful.

Cobbins' mother Maxine Broadnax was buried a year ago at New Park off Sewanee Road in South Memphis.

But she says when her son visited late last week, she says he found the headstone overturned.

"For my son to see my momma headstone upside down, it's hurtful."

Cobbins says over the weekend, dirt had been moved and head stones were all over the place.

She says New Park officials eventually explained and apologized.

"But what I`m so upset about you got loved ones out here and you got a tractor, you running over?"

Some headstones have clearly been out of place for a while but Cobbins says she has bigger concerns about what's happening here at the cemetery."

Cobbins says when her family visited over the weekend, she noticed dirt had also been disturbed on the plot next to her mother's.

She says it doesn't make sense, because she recalls a service being there on the very same day of her mom's last year.

"How can you pit two bodies in one hole?"

WREG went to get answers from the cemetery at its main office on Horn Lake Road.

A woman who later identified herself as the sales manager, Julie Levy, came to the door but wouldn't let our camera in.

Levy says there are not two bodies in the grave next to Broadnax. In fact she says the plot is empty — just pre-sold.

She said what Cobbins' family saw was dirt being moved because burials had taken place recently on the same row.

She said they apologized about temporarily moving the headstones, but it's necessary sometimes.

An explanation not good enough for Cobbins.

"I'm very upset, angry and mad."