Suspect blocks driver’s car, opens fire in Cooper-Young neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Police said they're searching for a man who followed a woman to her Cooper-Young home, tried to rob her and started shooting when she tried to get away.

Officers said the suspect shot at her at least five times.

"We all heard the gunshots," said Jason Whitworth, who lives down the street. "These were right in the heart of the neighborhood."

Whitworth said the unnerving sound came from Nelson Avenue.

"At that time, there was so much police activity you couldn't find out anything," he said.

Police worked to put the pieces together for hours Saturday night.

They said they found out a woman just parked along the street around 11 when she noticed a vehicle pull up next to her.

She said a man in a gray hoodie then got out, aimed a gun and tried to rob her.

The woman told police she put her head down and threw her car in reverse, and as she tried to get away, the suspect opened fire.

Officers said they counted five shell casings including one lodged into a home and another in a car.

The suspect got away.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

"We have been getting police all the evidence we can," said Whitworth.

The Cooper-Young Neighborhood Watch installed their own security cameras in 2016 as part of a crime-fighting plan.

Whitworth said the cameras came in handy this weekend.

He said they sifted through the footage and believe they found the suspect's vehicle speeding away.

"They made a turn and another turn. We caught the vehicle on another camera," he told WREG.

That footage was turned over to detectives.

Meanwhile, Whitworth said they've installed more cameras in the area.

"We're getting more cameras and better coverage all the time," he said.

Detectives have yet to release the footage or a suspect description.

As soon as WREG gets new information, we will let you know.