Police looking for gunman accused of robbing 77-year-old man

MEMPHIS, Tenn.– Memphis Police are looking for a man accused of ambushing a 77-year-old midtown man outside of his home on North Trezevant Street.

The crook made sure he was mostly covered but perhaps there`s something about the accused criminal you recognize.

Talking to the man Memphis Police say he robbed at gunpoint earlier on Wednesday, this accused thief has memorable taste.
“He turns the corner behind this wall and he says do you have any bleu cheese? And I said no, ‘” explained Walter Brown.

Brown can chuckle about it now.

The former U of M professor was standing outside his home when he was asked the strange question.
However back on Wednesday things escalated quickly.

The accused thief with a hat "CHAMP" written on it, couldn't get his hands on cheese, so he asked for money.
Brown said he didn`t have any on him.

"Then he asks do you have any money inside? And I said 'yes,' and he said, `well, lets go get that money.'"

Brown said the two walked up his driveway, gun in hand, the accused crook asked if there were cameras, Brown told him there were.

"At which time he pulled his shirt up like this," explained Brown, pulling his shirt over part of his face.

When they reached a back room of the home Brown handed him some cash off a dresser, not a whole lot.

"He looked at the wallet to see if that was it and that was it."

The man also took a watch.
He told Brown he wanted him to follow him out, but Brown thought quick.

"He walked out the back door and I locked it."

Brown now hopes these pictures provide clues for police so this accused thief doesn't strike again.

Anyone with information about this robbery should call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

You will be given a secret ID number and your identification will remain completely anonymous.