Students claim former teaching aide showed lewd photo, groped them and referred to them as ‘baby mama’ 

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Photo: MPD

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — One week after a Memphis police officer and former teaching aid at Booker T. Washington High School was indicted on a sexual battery charge, WREG has obtained transcripts of interviews two students gave to investigators.

In the interview, an 18-year-old student claims Reginald Huley, 34, touched her backside twice — once as she was leaving the lunch line at the high school and another time at the Boys and Girls’ Club across the street.

The misconduct allegedly took place in February, but only came to light in March when the girl’s parents went to school administrators.

It was at the Boys and Girls’ Club that the girl claims Huley asked several students for their phone numbers so he could start a senior chat group.

She told police Huley showed her a picture of his private parts on one occasion and then made lewd overtures.

Another student told investigators of an encounter she had with Huley in a hallway when she was in 10th grade.

“We hugged each other and his lips hit my neck and I pushed him off me. I was like what’s wrong with you?”

The student also said Huley would frequently address students as “baby mama” or “wife.”

She said Huley once commented about an 11th grade student as she passed him in the hallway, “How could I forget that [expletive]?”

Students clearly didn’t forget Huley, who they mainly knew by his nickname: “Boochie.”

The first girl bluntly told investigators, “Mr. Huley has been trying to have sex with me.”

She claims he offered to take her to Atlanta and invited her back to his apartment.

The girl showed police a text in which Huley allegedly writes, “I’m dead serious you know I been feeling you, I just had to sit back and observe first.”

In a separate interview with investigators, Huley explained the text by saying, “It’s just a slang how they talk … I feel ya it’s just like you cool like we cool and it’s, it’s nothing other than that.”

During the interview, Huley denied almost all of the allegations except that he texted students.

In addition to the students that spoke to investigators, last week multiple Booker T. Washington students past and present told WREG on condition of anonymity that Huley’s alleged behavior has been going on for years.

Records show he worked at Booker T. Washington high school from August 2015 until March 2017, when he was forced to resign amidst the sexual misconduct allegations.

The same day he resigned from the school, the Memphis Police Department relieved him of duty with pay.

Huley is next due in court on Nov. 29.

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