1 person dead, 1 in critical condition after being tossed from car at busy intersection

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Memphis, Tenn. — Two people were forced out of a car at a busy intersection. One person is dead and the other critically injured while police try to piece the mysterious crime together.

Heavy-flowing traffic from both directions at Belz and 3rd is around the clock it seems. It's hard to believe a man and woman were dumped out of a black SUV just before midnight Saturday — and no one claims to have seen a thing.

"I have three kids, and it makes me very aware of their surroundings to make sure they are safe and secure," said Shamaron Adell.

According to police, the woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. The man was dead by the time help arrived.

"It hits home because I lost a family member like that years ago," said Adell.

Adell says a few years back his cousin was murdered — and hearing someone was cold enough to push to people out a car at a busy intersection strikes a chord with him.

"It’s a tragedy, I mean that is someone’s loved ones," said Adell. "There’s no care for life."

So far police haven’t identified the victims or possible suspects — Adell says he won’t ever get used to hearing about senseless crime.

"To a lot of people it’s the norm, a lot of people are used to it, but me, even though I was raised here it’s always shocking to hear about someone getting killed in the city."

He says he’ll never get tired of searching for a solution.

"How can we get the crime down in this city? Because it is time for it to stop," said Adell.