West Tennessee teenager overcomes major injuries after an ATV accident thanks to Le Bonheur

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HENNING, Tenn--When you travel to Henning and meet 16-year-old Jacob Hearn and see him in action, his parents Steve and Mindi will tell you he's a chip off the old block.

"He`s a miniature me. I always knew it was coming because my mom said I would get paid back and there he is sitting over there," Steve Hearn said.

Just like his dad, Jacob has a strong will of his own and he's into all things outdoors such as hunting, bow fishing, football and four-wheelers.

"I don`t know if you know the definition of a boy is dirty with noise and that`s pretty much the explanation. Whatever he can get into, he`s going to get into, " Mindi Hearn said.

It was March of 2016 when Jacob and a friend were involved an all-terrain vehicle accident. It would be an accident that would leave Jacob seriously injured in a field.

"And when we went over the terrace we nose-dived and it sent me flying and that`s all I remember from being in the air. I remember hitting the ground and the pain and in the head and face when I hit the ground because I hit head first and that was really about the anything that scared me," Jacob Hearn said.

Jacob was scared because the accident left his leg torn open.

"It degloved his leg. If you could take a fillet knife and go around it and shift the skin down. That`s what it did," Steve Hearn said.

He was airlifted to Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

Dr. James "Trey" Eubanks is medical director of trauma services, chief of pediatric surgery and surgeon-in-chief at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

"The fact that we're a level one trauma center means we have people here all the time, experts in their fields that can take care of wounds like this," Dr. Eubanks said.

His major hurdle would be a possible infection from the wound, which had dirt, grass and hay in it.

"It wasn`t life-threatening, but he could lose his foot because of the size of the wound and the length of time it had not received blood," Mindi Hearn said.

The Le Bonheur Trauma team worked around the clock with orthopedic surgeons cleaning and removing dead tissue, and plastic surgeons making plans for skin grafts. All this as the Hearns turned to their faith.

"My prayer was please let them get every piece of grass, please let them find every spec of dirt and let them get everything out so we don`t have a deal with infection and that`s what happened," Mindi Hearn said.

Le Bonheur surgeons were able to close the wound and allow the leg to heal. The Hearns said the doctors and nurses who were always there if needed.

"If there are any problems you call or text and don`t hesitate to call. she was very helpful in getting Jacob healed," Mindi Hearn said.

Jacob was at Le Bonheur for four days before he was allowed to go home on crutches. For the most pa, t Jacob had been doing well until he went Bowfishing this year at Reelfoot Lake.
He picked up an infection through the cracks of his feet causing severe swelling and pain.

"He`s wading in crocks with athlete`s feet waiting to fish and he got an infection," Steve Hearn said.

"The initial problem was not the wound itself, but because of the anatomy of his leg now it caused more difficulty in the getting the cellulitis in the leg to clear," Mindi Hearn said.

His doctors in Lauderdale County felt the best place for Jacob was Le Bonheur.

The infectious disease doctors worked to coordinate his care and eventually got him back on his feet.

"At Le Bonheur from the custodial to the chief surgeon, they are all just as humbled and kind," Steve Hearn said.

"I`m glad we still have him and we didn`t lose him in those experiences, but I think he`s learned some things.... " >
they are lessons learned by a Jacob Hearn.

"I`m great...there`s nothing wrong with me and as good as I can be," Jacob Hearn said.

He's a teenager with a lot of appreciation and love for the patient care he received at Le Bonheur.

"It was greatest hospital experience I have ever had. If I had to go back I would go back anytime and I would go back to Le Bonheur"

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