Antioch congregation returns for services days after mass shooting

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ANTIOCH, Tenn. — Just days after a mass shooting inside their middle Tennessee church, members of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ gathered Wednesday evening for regular services.

Despite all that these churchgoers turned mourners have gone through these past few days, they still gathered to pray and continue to heal together.

“Father we pray you’ll be with our loved ones in the hospital even beyond the ones in the tragic accident this weekend.”

“They can overcome these injuries be with the doctors and nurses that wait upon them.”

Danny Carter took the lead as Minister Joey Spann continues to recover.

Some of the victims who were injured when a lone gunmen entered the church, like Catherine Dickerson, were also in attendance.

“Continue to bless our service men, our police department, fire department, all the safety forces we have in this country,” Carter prayed. “We pray you’ll continue to watch over this congregation and be with all your servants everywhere.”

The accused shooter, Emanuel Samson, shot seven people killing one woman.

On Wednesday, a judge moved Samson’s court proceedings to October 6.

He’s being held without bond on a murder charge.

Police say he admitted to the shooting, but hasn’t explained why he did it.

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