Piggly Wiggly workers come to co-worker’s aid

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BYHALIA, Miss. — It's a quiet day in Byhalia, but one worker at the Piggly Wiggly store is about get a surprise — a big surprise.

"Donna has had several health issues in the past, and she's recently started getting some answers. And we want to help her out to be sure that...her doctors are far away and we want to make sure that she can continue to get to those doctors and get the answers that she needs," Donna's co-worker and friend Amanda says.

Aside from medical issues, Donna had suffered some personal tragedies as well.

"She lost her daughter Brandy when she about 28," Amanda says. "She's also had a small son that she lost, about 3 or 4 years maybe. She's had a rough life."

"Her momma died right before Brandy died," another co-worker, Tracy, added.

We're going to pass along some cash today — $300 from News Channel 3.

The caring co-workers, Amanda, Tracy and Lee Ann, load up for the short drive to downtown Byhalia. Once there, we get into position for today's surprise.

Donna has no clue what's up.

"We love you and you know that and we wanted to pass along a little bit of cash to you. We wanted to make sure you still got those answers from the doctor and that you're able to get there."

"I got from the Lord too," Donna says. "And I thank y'all so much. That's so wonderful. I see you on TV all the time."

But this story has a twist.

"Well you know what, you got the $300 from News Channel 3. I almost forgot something. Once a month we have an anonymous donor who gives us an extra $400. So here's an extra 100, 200, 300, 400 dollars for a $700 total."

Donna is surrounded by some very caring friends.

"These are all my wonderful friends, but the Lord's got this. My pastor is right there, thank you Jesus for him because he's gotten me through a lot."

Donna may have lost a lot in this life, but she's blessed by friends who care and have shown her tremendous love.