Officials fear humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico a week after Maria

CBS Newspath

PUERTO RICO —It’s been six days and counting, and most of Puerto Rico remains without power after Hurricane Maria flooded streets, smashed poles and snarled power lines.

It could take months before the power is back on and many in the United States are worried and waiting to hear from loved ones.

“He’s in his 90s and he needs an oxygen tank in order to breathe, his medications,” said Melanie Lopez. “Some of them need to be in the fridge, stuff like that, so without electricity it’s a struggle for him right now.”

With roads around the island washed out, bridges and communication lines down, and supplies dwindling, federal agencies are ramping up their response.

U.S. sailors delivered water and food to the San Juan airport on Monday.

FEMA says the Department of Defense has evacuated more than 150 patients to the continental U.S., but the Trump administration has come under fire with some claiming the efforts have fallen short.

“Where’s the army? We’re fed up. They’re gonna riot.”

Hundreds of people have been sleeping at the airport in San Juan waiting for a flight. Some did make it out.

Now, the coast of North Carolina is bracing for strong waves and high winds associated with Hurricane Maria as it continues to churn off the Outer Banks.  While it’s not expected to make landfall a Tropical Storm Warning has been issued and officials are asking people to limit travel as much as possible and stay inside.