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The search for Jerrell Bland’s killer continues

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — "I need closure, I want to know why someone took my son."

Jannefer Thomas is a mother who is looking for answers.

Her son, 20-year-old Jerell Bland, was murdered six months ago near a South Memphis convenience store. Memphis homicide investigators say Bland was walking to meet a friend near Levi and Ford Road when he was ambushed.

"He was on Facetime with a friend. And she said they was just talking, and next thing she know she said he was running and he was like, 'Help Me, call me mom!' And that's all I know."

Paramedics tried to get Bland to the hospital, but he died in the ambulance on the way there.

"That was my only son. He was there for me, he had to help me out," Thomas said. "It has torn my life apart ... it hurts bad."

Homicide detective say Bland tried to get away from his shooter, but the gunfire knocked him to the ground. Police say that didn't stop the gunman; officers say the shooter walked to bland and stood over him and continued to shoot him while he was on the ground.

"This is a very vicious person, this is very coldblooded," Lt. Tony Mullins with the Memphis Police Department said.

Investigators say Bland's shooter is armed and extremely dangerous and needs to be off the streets and locked up behind bars.

"This is residential neighborhood, you know, there is no guarantee where the bullets will go," Mullins said.

Bland's mother says she wont stop pushing for answers until her son's killer is brought to justice.

"I want them brought to justice," she said. "I hope you rot in hell, I really do. That is my prayer. I think jail is too good for them."