WATCH: Karen Bobo addresses her daughter’s convicted killer

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Of all the powerful moments to come out of Zach Adams' trial for the rape and murder of Holly Bobo, the moment when Karen Bobo addressed her daughter's convicted killer was one of the most heart-wrenching.

She described Adams to jurors as "that animal" and her daughter as "the sweetest person I have ever known in my life."

She told jurors they had done the right thing. “Last night I saw my husband smile for the first time in six and a half years.”

And then, she asked Zach Adams to look at her as she told him:

“I know that my daughter fought and fought hard … and I know that she begged for her life because my daughter loved life. But you chose to take it from her — look at me, please — but you have shown absolutely no remorse for anything you’ve done.”

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