Family wants answers from police two months after wrong man is killed

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —Protesters say it has been two months too long and they want the name of the officer who fired the shot that killed Ismael Lopez.

An officer shot and killed Ismael Lopez after trying to serve a warrant at the wrong house.

Today relatives and community activists came together for a peaceful protest that ended in a stakeout inside of the police department.

"We will keep coming with more and more people until you listen," said community activist Jose Salazar.

With a bullhorn facing the police station, protestors showed officer's they aren't afraid nor will this just go away.

Ilia Ortega says she wants police to stop saying her cousin Ismael Lopez was armed and sent his dog to attack officers.

"I would like for them to give out the name of the officer," said Ortega.

She wants them to admit he was unarmed and, she wants them to admit he was wrongly shot and killed by a Southaven officer who was trying to serve a warrant to the wrong house on Surrey Lane in July.

"They've made many false statements and they should just tell the truth," said Ortega.

Ortega wasn't alone in marching inside the police station to demand answers.

Protestors came in with signs, pulled out crafts passed around snacks and took a seat getting comfortable as they waited to speak with someone.

"He was such a good man, why did it have to be him," said Ortega.

Through tears, Ortega vowed to keep pushing fighting to make sure Lopez isn't forgotten as time ticks on.

"We will keep coming with more people and more people until you listen," said Ortega.

"There will be no justice until we know what happened to Ismael."

A promise to keep on until the officer's name is made public.

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