Two incidents of sexual battery reported on Ole Miss campus in the last two weeks

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OXFORD, Miss. — Two incidents of sexual battery were reported on the Ole Miss campus in the last two weeks, and the men behind the crimes are still on the run.

The recent spike in sexual offenses on the Ole Miss campus has students on edge. Pearla Viveros says she's frustrated.

"Ole Miss hasn't put a stop to this, they haven't enforced more security and more laws on these frat parties," said Viveros. "If frat parties are the problem, then have more security, make sure these girls are getting home safe."

The most recent happened during a party late Friday at the Kappa Sigma fraternity house. Take a good look at the guy in the photo to the right; police say he's a suspect, and they need your help finding him.

The Kappa Sigma chapter president says the man posed as a band member that was playing at the party that night and trespassed on their private property.

Another sexual battery was reported just a block away less than a week ago. This one was at the Chi Psi Lodge during another fraternity party.

University police say they don't think the two incidents are connected.

"I think everybody thinks it's not going to happen to them. ... I'll just walk alone, or it's only a few steps, I can go back to my dorm, so I think it's really important we need to do the buddy system," said Nicole Smith.

After hearing about these crimes, Randon Hill tells me she's not taking any chances, not even leaving class.

"I have one class where I get out at 10 p.m. I make sure I have my pepper spray on me, and that's all I can do and just be aware, not looking down at my phone and making sure I don't have headphones in, or sometimes I call my mom when I walk to my car," said Hill.

If you're walking on campus at night, university police say make sure you have a friend with you and be aware of your surroundings. UPD will also provide an escort at any time of the day if you're alone and don't feel safe. Just call 662-915-7234.

University police say they have patrols during fraternity parties, but when these two sexual assaults took place inside a house, patrols on the street offered little protection. They hope more students will watch out for each other and report suspicious activity when they see it.

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