HOLLY BOBO TRIAL, DAY 6: Cell phone records tie Autry and Adams to area where Bobo was shot

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SAVANNAH, Tenn. — The judge overseeing the Holly Bobo trial says it’s moving ahead of schedule.

Saturday, jurors heard more technical and emotional testimony as the state hopes to convince them Zach Adams kidnapped, raped and murdered Holly Bobo. The 20-year-old nursing student disappeared over six years ago, with her body being discovered three years later.

Jurors heard a lot about where Bobo and the defendants’ cell phones were tracked to the day she disappeared, and also about a creepy encounter Holly Bobo’s friend said they came across on a double date just days before that.

TBI cell phone expert Michael Frizzell mapped out Zach Adams’ and his codefendants’ cell phone pings from the morning Bobo disappeared.

He said Bobo’s phone moved north from her house and said she was only getting incoming calls, and no calls out.

Frizzell said records show defendant Adams’ cell phone in the same general area as Bobo’s that morning, and said some of the pings on her phone were also in the same area where her remains were later found.

Another interesting detail — He said Adams’ phone and codefendant Jason Autry’s phone used the same tower off an I-40 exit near the Tennessee River later that morning.

It’s the spot where Autry said Adams shot Bobo.

But defense is expected to call their own experts to counter all this testimony.

A former friend of Bobo’s also testified about an odd experience she had on a double date with Bobo and her boyfriend.

She says it was days before Bobo disappeared. They were at the fairgrounds at a vendor’s booth when she saw a man in the corner of her eye.

“When I was glancing toward his way, he looked down and then I looked away, he was looking up,” said Candace Woods. “But I caught him a few times looking up toward us.”

She said it happened five to six times.

Although she didn’t tell any of them about what had happened, she did bring it up with investigators after Bobo disappeared.

They drew up this sketch based on her description of the man — and later identified him as Shayne Austin.

Austin was a codefendant in this case who committed suicide two years ago.

We’ll be back on Monday with more testimony from the state before the case gets handed over to the defense to make their arguments on why Zach Adams is not guilty.

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