Passing It On to a friend of 40 years

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Darnessa Teamer and Frances Elkins are more like sisters than just friends. They've done life together for a long time — from school days to sharing an apartment together, to building their own families.

They've never lost touch with each other, which brings us to today's Pass It On.

As Darnessa explains, Frances "recently stopped working because of a medical condition. She's been going through a hardship, and as a friend, I wanted to do something special today."

She continued, "Also, not only that, I cooked off her favorite dishes. She likes cantaloupe, she loves tuna fish, I made all of her favorite dishes to take along with this."

That's along with $300 from News Channel 3.

Darnessa hops in her car, and in just a few minutes, we're in the right neighborhood.

But this story takes an unexpected twist.

"This is for y'all," Darnessa says, handing me a homemade pie.

"We have never had this before. You're giving us a chess pie?"

"Fresh out of the oven. That's love! This is how Southern girls do it."

I store the pie and then join Darnessa to surprise our recipient. After a brief greeting, Darnessa transitions from passing out pies to passing out the cash.

"Me and Shanta wanted to come up with something for you since you've been off from work. Shanta told me, 'Momma, let's pass it on.' She said, 'Call News Channel 3 and Pass It On.' So hold out your hand. I've got one hundred, two hundred, three hundred dollars to pass on to you this morning."

"Ain't God good!" Frances exclaims.

"Yes He is."

Frances suffered a stroke recently and hasn't been able to work since. This money will help out until her disability benefits begin.

"Well you have a very sweet friend who would not only pass it on but now she brought you all these little goodies for you today," I say. "We've got some great things for you to eat today."

"Ain't God good?"

Frances received the needed cash, and we got a homemade chess pie. We're all feeling the love today.