Kansas City couple’s botched bridge proposal goes viral

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KANSAS CITY — It’s probably not what they were imagining, but one Kansas City couple’s botched wedding proposal has given them one heck of a story that has gone viral on social media.

Cameras were rolling as Seth Dixon got down on one knee to pop the question to his girlfriend, Ruth Salas.

But of course, that’s when the unexpected happened.

The ring flew out of the box and bounced on the bridge before plummeting into the water below.

Hearing about what happened, the couple’s friends donned their swimsuits and began searching for the ring. While they were ultimately unable to find it, the moment made for some fantastic photos.

As for the couple, they are just happy to be together and share the memory.

“This couple might not have the picture perfect engagement story but they do have a story they hope will bring joy and laughter to you as you read it,” their friends wrote on the couple’s “Ring Replacement” GoFundMe page.

“Sometimes our love stories aren’t always as perfect as we planned, but always work out in the end!”

Seth and Ruth’s Ring Replacement GoFundMe page