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Couple says city demolished family home by mistake

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Deloris and George Dixon used to live in the Dixon family home on Carnes Avenue in Orange Mound. Dixons had lived in the home for three generations, they said, until the city mistakenly gave a demolition company permission to tear it down.

“It was his grandmother’s home before it became his mother’s home before it became his sibling’s home before it became his home," Deloris Dixon said.

But they said the home fell into disrepair by 2014. It needed work.

“We were really actually waiting on money to come in," she said.

The city declared the home a public nuisance. The Dixons boarded it up but hoped they could renovate.

A judge gave them three months to do so, until February 2015.

But, they said the city jumped the gun.

“Instead the city tore it down in November and we still had three more months to go,” they said.

George Dixon said he found out from a neighbor that a company called TNT Enterprises was bulldozing his home. He said they also took personal items, including records, heirlooms and even a Bible.

“All of his daddy’s medals, all those things were inside the house,” Deloris Dixon said. "When we got back in court that’s when the judge stated it seems like someone has made a mistake.”

The Dixons filed a lawsuit against the city and TNT Enterprises.

WREG couldn't find a website for TNT, and the Better Business Bureau listed it as "not accredited." Owner Teresa Stitt said Tuesday she had no comment on what happened.

City officials said they would not comment on an ongoing lawsuit.

The Dixons now live in Deloris’ daughter's home in a different part of town. Their former home, filled with memories, is now just an empty field devoid of love and family.

“We just waiting. Our hands are tied now," George Dixon said.

He said he hopes they city could make right on such a life-changing mistake.