Still no clues in the disappearance of Keila Freeman one year later

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — In a Southeast Memphis neighborhood, people still wonder what happened to the woman who lived at 4261 Meadow Ridge Trail.

"It's just kind of funny the way it all unfolded and no word. It is just strange to me they have no idea of what happened to her," says neighbor Alfreda Taylor. She lived right next door to Keila Freeman, her husband Randy and their two young kids.

"I never saw anything or heard anything, and he was always in the garage with the children," says Taylor.

She was shocked when Keila disappeared shortly after Labor Day 2016. She still hasn't been seen or heard from.

Police questioned Keila's family and her husband, who two days earlier had been accused of setting a nearby house on fire. It was supposedly the home of a person he thought his wife was involved with.

Police watched Randy Freeman's moves and even dug up concrete where neighbors said he had been working,

Still nothing.

Randy Freeman was later arrested for the arson and attempted murder, but that was not related to his wife — only to the house fire.

A year later the family that lives at the house where the fire happened says they don't know Keila Freeman or Randy Freeman and they can't figure out why their house was targeted.

It has left police clueless and neighbors at a loss.

"Nobody has any idea what happened to her. It's really strange," says Taylor.

Randy Freeman remains in jail. He will be back in court September 20.

We attempted to contact Keila Freeman's family but were unable to reach them.