Ku: It’s the fridge that comes to you

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CBS Newspath

BERLIN — Ever wish you didn’t have to get up to get a cold drink from the fridge?

Your dream may soon be a reality.

Panasonic unveiled its latest creation, the “Ku” fridge, at the IFA tech fair in Berlin. It’s a fridge on wheels that responds when called.

According to CBS News, the technology is equipped with built-in LIDAR and depth sensors that help it navigate. It can even learn your kitchen’s layout and can provide details about what exactly is in your fridge.

“All I have to do is say ‘Hi Ku, please come to the dining table’. When I do that Ku will move to the dining table. It has an embedded sensor technology. It maps out the room, continuously updates the map, recognizes itself within the map so it can move around safely without bumping into anything,” explained Tobias Wobbe with Panasonic’s Better Living.

The fridge was developed with the elderly and infirm in mind. They hope the technology will save them from having to make difficult trips to the kitchen.

But of course, the lazy would benefit as well.

“Just imagine you’re watching the World Cup and it’s not already half time but your bottle is empty. You just tell Ku to bring another beer,” he said.

IFA runs until September 6.