Five year old serves up lemonade to help hurricane survivors

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CNN Newsource

LOVELAND, Ohio — Americans across the country as sending support to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey, including the youngest among us.

Meet five-year-old Indigo Huber of Loveland, Ohio. Instead of enjoying her Labor Day playing with her friends, this spunky little girl decided to set up a lemonade stand in Home of the Brave Park. She told WCPO all of the money raised will go to those in Houston.

“People had to move and they were like so disappointed that their homes were destroyed.”

“And how did that make you feel?”

“So, so sad that I just wanted to help those people,” she said.

It’s a lesson her mother Carrie said she’s been trying to instill in her daughter from a very young age.

“We regularly talk about how we can help others or like donating things to charity or even making someone’s day in a small way whenever we have an opportunity to, so this is just another instance where she wanted a lemonade stand and decided to help out the people in Texas,” she told the news station.