Woman returns home to gunfire in yard after hospital stay

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A woman returning home from the hospital told police someone "shot at her" as she was trying to walk into her Highland Heights home just after midnight Friday.

A mother and son arrived home to Carpenter Street around 1 a.m. after a two-week hospital stay, the woman told police.

Her son was helping her into her house when they noticed lights coming from the backyard. Around the same time, a horn started honking.

Then, they told police, a man appeared from behind the home and became irate.

When the mother and son told the man he was in their yard, he told them his car was broken down and he was waiting on a tow truck. He pointed to a white Mercedes parked along the street.

"I looked out the door, saw the blinkers over there and that's all I saw," said a neighbor who didn't want to be identified. She said she then went to bed.

But another neighbor heard the terrifying moments a short time later.

"I heard some gunshots last night. I looked out and I didn't see anything that had happened I didn't see anybody down," Rickey Ross said.

The mother and son said, in his rage, the man yelled he would be back, then reached into his trunk and pulled out a handgun.

He then got into his vehicle and drove away — firing gunshots at them as he left.

No one was hurt but the mother's car was hit by a bullet.

The suspect was last seen driving off in a white Mercedes.