I-55 bridge shut down after multiple car accident

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Pictures show a slow-moving chain link of tail lights trying to cross the bridge into Arkansas, with headlights spanning miles on the trek up I-55 into Memphis.

Police say two cars and two tractor trailers were involved in an accident that shut the I-55 bridge Friday.

Steven Bradley was stuck in westbound traffic when he saw a white SUV slam into the back of a tractor-trailer.

"And the 18-wheeler behind the Tahoe tried to dodge it, but you know, the bridge so small," said Bradley.

Pretty soon Bradley says cars were hitting each other left and right.

"Everything started colliding, colliding into each other," said Bradley.

It slowed traffic for almost two hours.

Drivers at one point were diverted onto the I-40 bridge.

But the long wait was the least of Bradley's worries.

"The most injury I seen was a little boy had a little small cut on his foot from the door or something like that. But other than that, everybody made it out safe," said Bradley.