North Memphis home invasion call leads to City Watch for victim

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Murry Fields

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A North Memphis man was the victim of a reported home invasion but when police showed up, they found an open window and no one inside.

Memphis Police issued a City Watch for 55-year-old Murry Fields, though it was canceled shortly before 4 p.m. Friday after police said he was found unharmed.

Around 1:15 Thursday afternoon, Field’s nephew called 911 and told dispatchers someone was trying to kick in the door to his uncle’s house on Staten off Hollywood.

Police showed up and noticed the damage to the front door. They went into the home and found the place ransacked, with furniture turned over in disarray.

Upstairs the victim was nowhere to be found — but officers noticed a window was open.

Detectives began an investigation and questioned neighbors.

One neighbor told detectives he heard a gunshot then saw two people wearing masks from the movie “Scream” going in and out of the house.

In a search of the apartment, officers found a phone they believed to belong to Fields. The last number called was his nephew’s.

This afternoon WREG talked to the man listed in a police report as Field’s nephew. He said his uncle was able to escape the home invasion and run to safety.

This close encounter is one reason people in the area say they stay alert.

“I watch the neighbors,” said Cynthia Brittman. “I watch myself, ya know kinda look out around me, you know stuff like that.”