FedEx donates 20k meals and $1 million to Harvey victims

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. —FedEx is teaming up with the American Red Cross to send a special delivery Hurricane Harvey victims.

"Every package that we deliver is important to us but this flight today is really special to us," Said Jenny Robertson Global Citizenship for FedEx.

Twenty thousand ready meals were loaded onto a plane to bring hope to Houston during a time of devastation.

During a dark time FedEx is partnering with American Red Cross to pledge 1 million dollars as part of that effort they’re flying in with plenty of food—and it’s only the beginning of lending a helping hand.

"Experts are saying this is by far the most catastrophic we as Americans in the US have seen we will be needing to deliver hope for many many months to come," said Laura Vaughn Executive Director of the American Red Cross.


Source WREG

Pilot Robert Fisher will be steering the plane full of food sealed with love.


He says the honor of taking part in something so major is a highlight in his career.

"It is exhilarating to be the person who has the opportunity to bring these meals to 20,000 people. [It] is a wonderful feeling," said Fisher.

Vaughn works for FedEx but also has roots in Houston. She says much of her family still lives there. For her the effort hits home.

"On a personal level, it means so much that the company I work for is going to go to such lengths to help provide this relief," said Vaughn.

And from the Mid-South to Houston the gesture echoes unity when it’s needed most.

"It’s very humbling to have a company like FedEx to stand up immediately wanting to help," said Vaughn. \

"Makes you very proud to be a Memphian."

That plane was scheduled to arrive at 3 PM.

This collaboration is part of the FedEx cares “delivering for good” initiative.

This is only the first step in helping those impacted by the storm.