Tennessee Task Force One in Texas to help with rescues

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HOUSTON — We were there as some of the Mid-South's finest hit the high waters in the Kingwood community helping families and pets to safety.

"They're firefighters from Memphis and the surrounding areas, the different municipalities," said Memphis Fire Battalion Chief Colin Burress.

A total of 80 team members have been performing search and rescue operations. At last check, the crews we were with checked seven homes — no one was inside.

"Whether it's people or it's their animals or their animals, things of that nature, and we're just been seeing a lot of areas that's just been overrun by the water."

The city center of Kingwood, where there's plenty of shops and apartments, now looks like a lake. These are the kind of places the Task Force is performing rescues.

"The water came in and started rising rapidly, and we were stuck," said Mary Sue Caranna, who was rescued from her second-story apartment Wednesday with her infant daughter strapped to her chest.

She's thankful for the help from outside resources like the Task Force traveling to the Houston area.

"When these things happen, people come together and you really get to see the essence of humanity in these moments," she said. "It's a great feeling to be here and be able to help as many people as we can, and it's beautiful to see other people coming in and helping their neighbors as well."