Recent rain creates spectacular sight at China’s Hukou Waterfall

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CBS Newspath

LINFEN CITY, China — Hukou Waterfall is China’s version of Niagara Falls, but with recent rain, the sight is even more amazing.

According to sources, the speed of the water traveling over the falls increased from 800 cubic meters per second to over 1,000 cubic meters per second, with the turbulent flow and roaring waves crashing the cliff walls and pouring down.

Tourists from across the country have flocked to the area trying to catch a glimpse of the rushing water.

The Hukou Waterfall sits on the intersection of north China’s Shanxi Province and Shaanxi Province. It is the largest waterfall along the Yellow River and the second largest in China.

Its name, which means “mouth of a teapot” in Chinese, derives from its resemblance to water pouring out just like gushing out from a huge teapot.