A Mid-South church helping Harvey flood victims

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HERNANDO, Miss. — One Mississippi church needs your help as it continues gathering supplies to take to flood victims in Texas.

First Baptist Church of Nesbit parked a trailer in the Hernado Walmart parking lot at 7 a.m. hoping to fill it up.

Thanks to social media and the generosity of the Mid-South, they've almost reached their goal.

Mid-Southerners are working together like you never seen before, all to help those in need in Texas.

"I got toothpaste, hand sanitizer, dog food," said Cleothilda Crawford. "I just came in at the spare moment and I just decided to go get some things because we never know when it may happen to us, and we all supposed to be together no matter what."

Catherine Whittington donated twice today.

"I donated socks for the children, men, women, toilet paper, napkins, toothbrush and toothpaste," said Whittington.

She says it breaks her heart to see so many people lose everything they own.

"It's horrible, and if I can help, I'm going to help," said Whittington.

Family Pastor Micheal Cooper says all the donations will go to an emergency shelter at First Baptist Church of Huffman in Northeast Houston.

"Their community was one of the hardest hit, so they were in need of all kinds of stuff," said Cooper. "They weren't really planning on being a shelter, but as more and more houses began to flood, there were people were being rescued and they brought them there."

Cooper says as of last night they had 250 people at the shelter, too many for that building.

"Now they're trying to move some of those people to downtown Houston to the convention center to alleviate some of that so they can become a distribution center," said Cooper.

All the supplies collected from First Baptist Church of Nesbit will be stored at that distribution center to help meet the needs of the Houston-area families as they try to rebuild what Harvey destroyed.

They brought in a second trailer; it's empty now, but if you would like to donate, you can come to the Hernando Walmart all weekend. They're headed for Texas on Monday.

Organizers are asking you donate toilet paper, paper towels, tarps and men's shampoo, but anything is welcomed.