Woman with cancer gets surprise from co-workers

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BARTLETT, Tenn. — The Bartlett Performing Arts Center is a great place to catch a concert, a play or watch the ducks. But today it serves as a meeting spot for our Pass It On playmaker, Beth Carson. She wants to help her co-worker Serita Myers.

"I've worked with her for a very long time. She's had some health problems over the past couple of years. She was diagnosed with breast cancer, actually beat breast cancer. Then this year she had another cancer scare. Had something go wrong and ... had a stroke. She's been struggling, still working and trying to take care of her patients, all through these treatments and everything else, and I just want to help her out. "

It's time to count out the cash. There's $300 from News Channel 3 plus $400 from an anonymous donor — and Beth and her other co-workers took it up a notch.

"Our co-workers have come together and raised another $600 that we're going to present to her as well today."

Beth gets in her car for the very short trip down the street to the Kings' Daughters and Sons Home.

We walk in the main entrance and spot Serita, just down the hallway. She has to sit down for this surprise.

"Serita, you know how much we love you. And we know how hard you've been working. And you and I have been through a lot together. You've been there with me through a lot of things. All of us got together, and we wanted to pass it on to you."

Serita is overcome by kindness.

"When I had cancer back in 2016, they really stepped up."

Serita's co-workers have stepped up yet again, along with Pass It On, to make a difference in her life.

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