16 Memphis neighborhoods get some much-needed help fighting crime

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — More than a dozen Memphis neighborhoods got some much-needed help fighting crime.

The city of Memphis awarded crime prevention grants Tuesday night. It's money given to communities to pay for programs and equipment to help keep families safe.

Berclair, Glenview, Hyde Park and Sea Isle are just a few of the 16 neighborhoods that got $2,500 grants to fund programs to curb crime.

Sonya Hunt wants to make sure domestic violence isn't passed to the next generation in her Whitehaven community.

"We want to have a place for survivors, children or those that have been murdered, we want to put in place where they know they're not alone and their community is still with them," said Hunt.

Hunt tells me it's their second year receiving the grant and she's already seen improvements.

"Because of the grant money, we have been able to make a dent, bringing awareness," said Hunt. "We were visited by the assistant DA last Sunday, Attorney Bell, and she said in our area we brought down domestic violence by 25 percent."

"The numbers don't lie, and the grant money does help us continue our efforts," said Hunt.

Mayor Jim Strickland says the grants are paid through red light camera money.

"Data shows that a neighborhood that's engaged, has a neighborhood watch formed and active ... they have less crime than other neighborhoods," said Strickland.

Some are using the money to put up cameras in their neighborhoods, having awareness programs and sponsoring National Night Out.

"I know of individual situations where a camera has helped apprehend and individual," MPD Police Director Mike Rallings.

"We've given out over $277,000 to these neighborhoods, and it means this is one piece of the puzzle, we've got a crime plan that we're working and one of those pieces is to get neighborhoods more engaged," Stickland said.

These grants have helped over 100 different neighborhood associations. If you're interested in this program, the deadline to apply for this grant is November 15.

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